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Known originally as the 169 Project, the Fiat Gingo is a super compact car that goes on sale in September 2003. This new Fiat represents the most advanced city car on the market today. It is endowed with all the comforts much bigger models have accustomed us to; designed for fuel economy without detriment to performance and as adept in our crowded cities as it is on longer journeys out of town.

The model is currently the best answer to customers who want a vehicle with compact interior dimensions yet  all the comfort to which bigger cars have accustomed us. The car is designed to use less fuel but not to be any the less lively for that. It is ideal in town traffic but also perfect over longer distances.

The new model confirms Fiat’s place at the leading edge of a segment it has always excelled in: from the first 600 to the 500, the 126, the Panda, the Cinquecento and the Seicento.

Now the baton has been passed to the Gingo.

The design of the new multipurpose compact car is cutting-edge and features distinct lines, simple clean-cut styling and great attention to detail. The distinctive-looking Gingo immediately conveys a sense of freshness. The stylists have added a touch of personality to this small, youthfully informal car by making it reassuringly bigger than you would expect. The mouldings and bars on certain versions even give the Gingo the appearance of a small city SUV.

The interiors are consonant with the styling of the body (that comes in no fewer than ten bright and youthful colours) and add up to a roomy, functional and comfortable passenger compartment that could easily bear comparison with that of a medium-category car.

The Gingo is a gutsy car, a small car with a slightly irreverent attitude that works with you and your sort of lifestyle rather than against you. It interprets the needs of customers who live in traffic-filled towns with little room to turn and a frenetic pace of life. It is adaptable enough to set off like a rocket at traffic lights but can also deliver a more relaxed drive on longer trips.

The Fiat Gingo is thus ready for action in any guise, a car that surprises continually due to its ability to change in response to different situations and its driver’s needs. A model that can be youthful and colourful or more elegant and refined as the need arises.

A model with a strong and typically Italian personality. As fun to be with and easy to get on with as most other Italians. With the touch of mould-breaking genius that typifies sporting heroes  such as Valentino Rossi and great artists such as Roberto Benigni. In a way, the tiny, happy-go-lucky Gingo represents the little devil we all have inside us.

This appealing model has a role to play in a booming market sector yet is also consistent with Fiat’s history and mission. The new small car is highly compact but features a surprising amount of passenger room. At just 354 centimetres in length, 158 cm in width and 153 cm in height, the Gingo can accommodate four to five people. It is equipped with one of the roomiest luggage compartments in the segment (more than 200 litres) and boasts the best passenger room levels in its segment.

The new model will pin its market challenge on the attributes that have worked for other small Fiats but it will take quality levels into a different league as far as comfort, safety, engineering and equipment are concerned.
The Gingo is available with five doors and plans to make flexibility one of its strengths. The rear seat, for example, can split and slide. And more. The car’s handling and visibility are also among the best in its category. Examples include a gearlever in the centre of the facia in an excellent ergonomic position (a radical new feature for the segment), Dualdrive electric power steering (standard on medium-high versions) and a higher driver seat position that affords customers greater visibility and mastery of the road.

The new model is thus an ideal city car but also a good enough mover to tackle longer journeys with ease. This versatility is  assured by three engines that deliver outstanding performance and much-reduced fuel consumption and represent an effective solution for in-town and out-of-town use. First and foremost comes the 70 bhp 1.3 Multijet 16v (due to go on the market some months after the model’s launch). This new addition will be backed by the tried and tested 55 bhp 1108 cc and our reliable 1.2 8v engine that delivers a maximum power output of 60 bhp. These are paired with two gearboxes: a 5-speed manual unit and a new Dualogic unit with sequential and automatic operation. The engineering configuration of this up-to-date, reliable model is enhanced by devices not all superminis can offer. Just for starters, Gingo customers will be able to order a huge clear Skydome roof, a manual or automatic climate control system, a parking sensor and a Hi-Fi system complete with CD player, sub-woofer and radio controls on the steering wheel.

To guarantee occupant safety, the new model also offers the following as standard or options, depending on the specification: up to 6 airbags, ESP and ABS with EBD.

A good-looking comfortable car, then. A fun pint-sized car that also represents fantastic value for money with its winning package of features, running costs and resale value.

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